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Statement by Commissioner Andor on Microsoft’s announcement of large-scale job cuts


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msftỦy viên việc làm, các vấn đề xã hội và hòa nhập László Andor said: “I deeply regret the significant job losses announced by Microsoft today (17 July) because of the impact these will have on so many individuals, their families and the local communities they live and work in. All sectors of the economy are undergoing changes as technology develops and consumer demand evolves. Company restructuring is a fact of life but it should be done in a socially responsible way, based on social dialogue and with due respect for applicable legislation on the information and consultation of workers and on collective redundancies.

“The fact that parts of one large software company are going to downsize should not be a reason to stop investing in digital skills and supporting digital job creation in Europe, quite the contrary. Digital skills are needed to support the transition towards new services, like cloud and data, as well as the transition towards a more resource and energy efficient economy. The digital economy is moving so fast that even technology companies have to make significant adjustments. Therefore companies, governments and social partners need to get better at anticipating skills needs, and invest in people of all ages to improve their digital competences. Workers affected by today’s announcement should receive support to re-train if needed and help to find a new job as soon as possible.

“I take note of Microsoft’s commitment to work with workers’ representatives and the governments concerned in order to support re-employment of the affected workers in other parts of the company or elsewhere. Relevant national and regional authorities can also access EU support for re-training and re-employment through the European Social Fund or the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, if the applicable conditions are fulfilled.

“I have asked to meet with Microsoft representatives as soon as possible in order to get more information on the planned redundancies and the measures to alleviate the social consequences, as well as to explore how to mobilise EU funding in support of the workers concerned.”

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